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SunTel Technologies believe that giving people the right tools and support is the best way to help them do their jobs. We make your technology work each and every time, so you can concentrate on what really matters: getting your work done.

Hosted PBX - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Hosted PBX

With Hosted PBX from SunTel Technologies, you’ll be able to dramatically increase your productivity and availability, have an impressive phone presence, scale your service to meet your needs as your business evolves…and still save money. What’s not to love about that!

Managed IT Services - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Managed IT services

From creating a strategic infrastructure plan, to securing your network, to ensuring that data is backed up, to staying on top of new technologies, SunTel Technologies takes IT management off your plate and puts it in the hands of competent, experienced professionals.

IT Consulting - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

IT consulting

Technology moves so fast it’s hard to keep up. We apply our business consulting expertise to your technology to make it work for you. We offer consultation services for network deployments, real-time monitoring solutions, VoIP, and hosted PBX solutions, so you are always two steps ahead of the competition.

Hosted PBX - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Hosted PBX

Big benefits. Big savings.

Cloud Phones - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Unprecedented flexibility

Answer calls anywhere, from any device

Business Phone Systems - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Easy to customize

Manage your features with the touch of a button

VoIP Solutions - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

More for less

More features, better quality, increased uptime – at a fraction of the cost

Don’t take our word for it

We let our loyal customers speak for us!

  • Our company turned over our IT services to SunTel a year ago. SunTel cleaned up our aging infrastructure, and got our network back to peak performance. A major concern for us was the finicky backup system that was put in place years ago. We now have a rock-solid backup system to protect us from data crashes. Perhaps the best thing that SunTel has done for us is to introduce us to the world of IP telephony. Not only did we gain access to state-of-the art new features such as integrated e-mail/voice mail/faxing, we now enjoy “follow-me” voice calls to allow clients to contact us no matter where we are physically. Our off-site employees have local extensions so that they not only enjoy all the same features as they would at head office, but all conversations with them are also free! Our company benefited financially as well. Our land line and long-distance costs are now a fraction of our previous phone company charges. We were able to pay for the system in only six months with the savings we realized.We highly recommend SunTel to any business that would like first rate IT service or an upgrade to their existing telephone systems.

    Richard Tso
    Racing Forensics Inc

  • I cannot say enough about the staff at SunTel Technologies. Following our serious server crash the service they provided our business was the absolute best. A technician from SunTel was onsite almost immediately and worked non-stop to get us back up and running with the result that we had almost no downtime. SunTel is always prompt, always professional and always proactive. If you want an IT provider that is always there for you, we highly recommend the experts at SunTel Technologies.

    Amelia Folco
    Jupiter Industries Inc.

  • SunTel has been taking care of our computer network for over 5 years with excellent results. An added benefit is that he also looks after our telephone network, so we do not have to deal with another source. Three years ago we moved and downsized, a hair raising experience! SunTel convinced us to switch to a VOIP telephone system. This we did with some trepidation seeing that we are not “high tech’” people. We found that it was virtually trouble free and our telephone costs dropped by more than 80%. How could we not be pleased with that? We also found that staff who live some distance from the office, i.e. Kitchener, Bradford could utilize the VoIP phone system with a handset at their homes which were connected directly to our network, so that they could contact support people with simply an extension number. Wonderful! We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending SunTel.

    Richard Waite
    Salix Systems Limited

Stay Connected,
Anytime. Anywhere. On Any Device.

Mobile Phones on Cloud - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Mobile phone

Get calls and messages on any remote device, including your smartphone, via SunTel Technologies’s mobile application.

Tablets on Cloud - Toronto, Montreal, Markham


Turn your iPod, iPad or Android Tablet into a mobile phone and never miss another important call – even when you’re on the move.

Desk Phones on Cloud - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Desk phone

Purchase an IP phone from SunTel Technologies or set up an existing analog phone to work with your new service.

Cloud Computing Solutions - Toronto, Montreal, Markham

Your computer

Install our softphone on any computer and instantly make and take phone calls at significantly discounted rates.

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