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Global IT Giant Intel, urges everyone to shift attention to its 4th generation mobile core product line. All the major computer launches lined up with the prominent OEM’s for this week are going to be the notebooks. However, in terms … Continue reading

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a set of procedures and policies associated with business continuity or recover of technology architecture, crucial to any enterprise post a natural/human-induced disaster. Though a subset of business continuity, DR strictly focuses on IT systems that … Continue reading

Unified Communications (UC) till about couple of years back was away from being a reality. It was just hype like many others. However, technology advancements today coupled with the evolving networking and communication standard, UC has evolved and is at … Continue reading

With the rapid developments going on in IT product innovation, one can truly say that it’s an era of “productivity convergence”. Recently, Microsoft has started to roll out Skype functionality on However, this feature was promised to Outlook users, … Continue reading

Taking a broad perspective, virtualization technology is perhaps one of the most prominent IT concerns and has already started to become visible in the computing landscape. The increasing awareness of the enterprise benefits resulting from virtualization technology is generally driven … Continue reading

Businesses are continuing to look for new ways to reduce expenses, cut operating costs and maximize existing budgets. While some departments or areas of your business can afford to have budgets cut, key areas of your business like marketing investments must never be reduced. Besides marketing, information technology is another key area that must never… Continue reading

Is your Canadian business concerned about yet another cloud service hit by hackers? Another popular online service has been hit by hackers and this one could have some serious privacy and even compliance fallout. Online note taking service Evernote has been hit by hackers and all users are being forced to change their passwords. Evernote… Continue reading