What Microsoft Teams Tracks about You?

Microsoft Teams has come up as one of the hot new collaboration platforms for businesses and other professional sectors. With the features of setting teams and channels, online video calling, screen sharing, document sharing, audio conferencing, online meetings, and plenty of others, it is a comprehensive collaboration platform.

What are security audits and why do you need them?

Nowadays, it’s more prudent to assume that your business will face a cyberattack in the near future, rather than be complacent and hope for the best. One of the best ways to ensure that your organization has the capability to weather or resist a cyberattack is by conducting a security audit. Auditing and the security […]

What is Microsoft 365 – Explained in Depth

Microsoft 365 is an umbrella providing plenty of software and services to home, business, enterprise, and education users. Unlike the traditional way of purchasing Office for once, Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service. If you are also confused that why you have to pay Microsoft every month when your old Office version is working fine or you can choose the free alternatives, this blog will clarify most of your doubts.

Save on printing costs with these 5 tips

Many small and large enterprises don’t realize that they are using inefficient printing hardware and processes that lead to unnecessary expenses. To manage your printing needs efficiently and minimize your spending, follow these tips. Replace outdated printers Your years-old printer may still be getting the job done, but they may be taking a bit out […]

How to use NEW Dark Mode in Microsoft Word

With the growing use of digital devices and more screen time, a lot of tools, applications, and browsers are now providing dark mode features to reduce eye strain and control light sensitivity. Microsoft also introduced its Office Black Theme a couple of years ago, but it was limited to darkening toolbars and ribbon, while the document section still remained bright white.

How to Use Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop helps to automate most of your desktop repetitive processes. It provides an intuitive flow designer with a diverse range of actions including desktop, folders and files, Excel, and lots of other automation capabilities. For example, if you want to copy data from one disk to another, you can instruct Power Automate Desktop step-by-step and let it handle all the process for you.