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How to use Webinars in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has recently introduced a new meeting type known as webinars. With webinars, your capabilities with Microsoft Teams are further extended. For example, you can set up a registration page for your meeting session with webinars. This way, only the registered attendees can join the session.

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Top 5 Best Hidden Apps on Windows 10

Windows 10 contains plenty of top-quality pre-installed apps that we all are quite familiar with. But are you aware of all the best pre-installed apps that you can access on Windows 10? To your surprise, there are some pre-installed apps on Windows 10 that are very useful but are not quite easily discoverable.

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What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

Every business knows how to protect its physical assets. They can set up cameras, hire security guards, and do similar other security measures to ensure protection. But what about the security of business digital assets, such as company data, customers sensitive data, etc.

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Are you in search of the Best IT Services in Toronto

SunTel Technologies offers the Best IT Service that you can get for any Toronto Business. Businesses today depend on technology for almost everything, if not everything they do. No matter the industry that you are in, the type of service you offer, the products you offer, or the size of your organization, the role of […]

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Top 5 Fun Secrets in Microsoft Products

Microsoft products are used by millions of users all over the world. Some have a solid grip on Microsoft tools, while others have a basic understanding. But there are always some tricks or secrets that most of us never know. Such secrets or tactics can help us to have a more pleasant working experience.

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Security Awareness Training In Essential For Toronto Businesses

Security Awareness Training is the main aspect of successful cybersecurity defense. You need to ask yourself; are your staff members putting your business at risk or are they giving the necessary support to your cybersecurity? It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive firewall or the latest firewall, antivirus, or other cybersecurity top gears […]

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Top 12 Google Drive Tips & Tricks

Google Drive is one of the world’s most commonly used cloud storage platforms and an essential day-to-day tool for millions of users. It provides a user-friendly interface and feature-rich services that are what users need in the present times. But there are many tips and tricks of Google Drive that most of the users don’t […]

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Top 8 Microsoft Teams + Outlook Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Teams and Outlook are best-designed tools that provide all the basic and advanced services that individuals and organizations need. Instead of just using them separately, some prefer to use Teams with Outlook. But most of the users don’t know the different hidden tips that they can use to enhance their experience.

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