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How to Use Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop helps to automate most of your desktop repetitive processes. It provides an intuitive flow designer with a diverse range of actions including desktop, folders and files, Excel, and lots of other automation capabilities. For example, if you want to copy data from one disk to another, you can instruct Power Automate Desktop step-by-step and let it handle all the process for you.

Predictive forecasting in Power BI for Microsoft 365

Many successful business owners throw around the phrase “make your own luck,” but what do these words truly mean? Partly, it means not being deterred by terrible circumstances but rather learning from these setbacks to gain better opportunities in the future. Microsoft’s Power BI puts that principle into practice: with predictive forecasting based on previous […]

How to Speed Up Windows 10 PC

Is your PC running a little slow lately? Seems like your Windows 10 need a little optimization. So, today we will be talking about some simple, reliable and effective tips and tricks to help give your Windows 10 the boost it needs. Surely, you will be surprised how a few tweaks here and there are needed to do the trick.

The best data backup solutions for your business

Data is valuable to business, so it’s bizarre that some companies don’t have a proper data backup strategy in place. Organizations of all sizes — including yours — need to be proactive when backing up their data. Here are four of the best backup solutions in the market for your consideration. USB flash drives USB […]