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Are you in search of the Best IT Services in Toronto

SunTel Technologies offers the Best IT Service that you can get for any Toronto Business. Businesses today depend on technology for almost everything, if not everything they do. No matter the industry that you are in, the type of service you offer, the products you offer, or the size of your organization, the role of […]

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Top 5 Fun Secrets in Microsoft Products

Microsoft products are used by millions of users all over the world. Some have a solid grip on Microsoft tools, while others have a basic understanding. But there are always some tricks or secrets that most of us never know. Such secrets or tactics can help us to have a more pleasant working experience.

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3 Simple ways to keep your business safe from hackers

Like most business owners, you may be too busy managing your organization to be concerned about optimized security measures and other technical matters. However, failing to protect your business puts it at risk of data theft and other cyberattacks. Let’s take a look at some ways you can keep your organization safe. Cover your webcam […]

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Empower your mobile workforce with VoIP

Remote work policies require companies to expand their communication capabilities. Many businesses aim to increase productivity and improve customer service by turning to a VoIP solution. There are several factors that will make your VoIP more mobile while ensuring both your customers and employees remain satisfied and can communicate hassle-free. To cater to your out-of-office […]

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PowerPoint Presenter Coach: Expanded availability & feedback

In 2019, Microsoft introduced the Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint to help users give better presentations, be these in person or virtually. Using artificial intelligence, this feature gives you pointers on how to improve your pitch, pacing, word choice, and much more. It was initially available only in PowerPoint for the web, but this year, […]

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What are the top 5 benefits of a cloud ERP?

As more and more solutions are made available in the cloud, more and more small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are flocking to use them. One increasingly popular solution is cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP). If you want to integrate your systems using an ERP program, then you should seriously consider a cloud-based ERP solution. Define: […]

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Cloud-based OMS: 5 Benefits to eCommerce businesses

A cloud-based order management system (OMS) is a powerful and intuitive tool for tracking orders, sales, and inventory as well as streamlining the processes involved in order fulfillment. Learn more about this essential tool and its many benefits to eCommerce businesses. First off, we need to clarify that an inventory management system is not the […]

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Security Awareness Training In Essential For Toronto Businesses

Security Awareness Training is the main aspect of successful cybersecurity defense. You need to ask yourself; are your staff members putting your business at risk or are they giving the necessary support to your cybersecurity? It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive firewall or the latest firewall, antivirus, or other cybersecurity top gears […]

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Top 12 Google Drive Tips & Tricks

Google Drive is one of the world’s most commonly used cloud storage platforms and an essential day-to-day tool for millions of users. It provides a user-friendly interface and feature-rich services that are what users need in the present times. But there are many tips and tricks of Google Drive that most of the users don’t […]

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