Client Managed It Services Case Studies

Managed IT service and cloud Migration

Maintaining our operational services with offices spread all around Toronto, the importance of remote access for such a big non-profit organization cannot be over-emphasized. The organization had over time made use of local server hosting with a virtual desktop solution, precisely Citrix Horizon view. But a lot of issues were associated with this particular solution

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Server Migration

This Long-standing and very old Baltimore-based insurance company with only 20 workers might have a small workforce, but their footprint in terms of technology is quite noteworthy. Since they are into the insurance business and it depends highly on their IT infrastructure and systems, any downtime would impact negatively on them and cause them to lose revenue, productivity, and clients.

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MSP CASE STUDY: Manufacturing firm based out of Toronto

In order to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of an efficient IT network in today’s virtual times, companies consult with SunTel Technologies to effectuate just that.

More uptime means a better bottom line.

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Healthcare - Managed IT Services and Cloud Migration

This Medical Organization teamed up with SunTel technology to manage their IT infrastructure and technology since 2009. They had no technical staff within the business, and as of then, they made use of a DOS-based application for medical practice and utilized papers for keeping medical records. This was tedious and required a lot of scanning, paper transfer, and faxing using a carrier. This process was slow, tedious, and disrupted the medical organization’s ability to scale and proficiency.

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