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This Medical Organization teamed up with SunTel technology to manage their IT infrastructure and technology since 2009. They had no technical staff within the business, and as of then, they made use of a DOS-based application for medical practice and utilized papers for keeping medical records. This was tedious and required a lot of scanning, paper transfer, and faxing using a carrier. This process was slow, tedious, and disrupted the medical organization’s ability to scale and proficiency.

As at when the organization came on board as our client, very few of the employees has working email, and of those that had, they utilized their personal email accounts for the business. This exposed them to a lot of risk, security challenges, and compliance issues within the medical organization.

Overview of Our Solution

SunTel technology’s first point of call with the client was to set up a Small Business Server (SBS), which ensured the immediate upgrading of their medical practice application to a Windows-based application. We also provided them custom emails with a unique domain and file storage via the SBS server. It didn’t end there; we followed up by working closely with the software provider during and after installation.

Moving forward, SunTel Technology set up standard IT infrastructure and computers for the client across all 30 remote offices to ensure that they all supported email, scanning email, and file sharing to the headquarter. Before this was implemented, we ensured all information and data was sent to headquarter via carrier or fax.

Furthermore, SunTel Technology made proper provision for backup and disaster recovery while making everything available for thorough monitoring and maintenance of workstations, IT infrastructures, and Servers.

Over the years, with the continuous growth and development of medical practice software, there was an increase in the stored data, and SunTel Technology moved the client to a better environment – a virtualized environment. We also migrated the client to Office 365 for their emailing needs.

All through our engagement with the client, SunTel Technology provided continuous Service Desk Support for the organization headquarter and all 30 remote offices.

In the past months, the world was hit with Co-vid-19, and SunTel technology played a large role in helping the client migrate seamlessly to remote work using Microsoft Azure environment for secured and easy file transfers and sharing. In addition to this, we moved the client's medical practice applications to the software vendor’s hosted cloud solution. This enabled the business to adjust quickly to the new work requirement as it has to do with working from home.


In working with SunTel Technology, the Medical Organization had better use of technology that was able to be aligned with their business goals and company objectives. There are continuous engagement and constant communication between the client’s Practice Manager and SunTel Technology to help them continually leverage technology and increase their competitive advantage via the usage of technology.

SunTel Technology continues to support and help maintain the client's IT infrastructure and environment both at the company's headquarter, and all its 30 remote offices with our 100% Trusted Managed IT Services.

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