How to use Camera Effects & Lenses in Microsoft Teams

How to use Camera Effects & Lenses in Microsoft Teams


Social media apps have bought many revolutionary changes in our lives. One of them is shifting us from traditional simple camera use to now effects and lenses-based usage. Millions of users of social media apps upload daily statuses with different camera effects or lenses. But when it comes to having online meetings using popular video conferencing apps, such as Microsoft Teams, we don't see the availability of such features. But the good news is that you can add camera effects and lenses in Microsoft Teams using a third-party tool called Snap Camera. This blog will present how you can use Snap Camera to add filters, lenses, and other effects in Microsoft Teams while being in a meeting.

What is Snap Camera?

Snap Camera is Snapchat's app for Windows and Mac computers, which allows users to set up virtual video backgrounds, dress up as different characters, add effects, and do plenty of other functionalities. It even allows you to create your own lenses. You can download it for free by going to the Snap Camera website and completing the installation process.

Snap Camera Main Interface

After completing the installation, open the Snap Camera and you will see its main interface with the upper half showing your camera, while the lower half presenting different kinds of effects and lenses. You can click on a few of the "Featured" lenses to see how they change your look. But make sure your camera is pointing your face properly so that lenses work perfectly. The main interface also shows categories-based effects and lenses, giving you access to dozens of different effects and lenses to choose from.

If you like a lens and want to make it your favorite, you can click on the star icon located at the top left corner of that lens. It will add the lens to your "Favorites" list, which you can access from the top left corner of the main interface of Snap Camera. From the "Favorites" list section, you also get the option of setting "Lens Hotkeys". This allows you to assign a hotkey to your favorite lenses so that you can quickly launch those lenses. For example, you can set the hotkey as "Ctrl + F2" for one particular lens. Now, whenever you open Snap Camera and press "Ctrl + F2", it will quickly put that lens on your camera.

Snap Camera also allows you to take photos or videos using your lenses. For that, you can click on the camera icon located on the middle left side and select either "Take Photo" or "Take Video".

Snap Camera Integration with Microsoft Teams

Launch Microsoft Teams, click on the profile picture from the top right corner, and then click "Settings". From there, click on "Devices". Now scroll down a bit where you see camera settings. There you will see the option of "Snap Camera". Choose that option and close the settings. Now when you will join or start a meeting, also open the Snap Camera app. When you will select any lens in Snap Camera, it will automatically apply to your Camera screen in Teams meeting. You can even press the hotkey to quickly apply the lens. This way, you can easily and quickly apply effects and lenses in Microsoft Teams.