This Long-standing and very old Baltimore-based insurance company with only 20 workers might have a small workforce, but their footprint in terms of technology is quite noteworthy. Since they are into the insurance business and it depends highly on their IT infrastructure and systems, any downtime would impact negatively on them and cause them to lose revenue, productivity, and clients.

Earlier on in 2019, the company sought an overhaul and total refreshing of their systems. The system was rather larger with 5 on-prem physical servers and more than 20 virtual machines which were based on a sophisticated Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (MBDR) solution. Most of the numerous applications they used relied solely on SQL database back-end; which required resource-intensive servers that were also capital intensive in terms of infrastructure and local hardware. It also included a Server for Exchange which was also reliant on the Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (MBDR) model to ensure high availability in times of system failures. This was essential to maintain uptime since it was a major priority for their business operations.

Their original system was built to be high-speed and superfluous, but it was very expensive to maintain. The equipment was faced with aging as most of the equipment was becoming outdated. Also, the system and equipment needed to meet modern standards which was a major challenge for them. The business was faced with many challenges relating to system maintenance and management. They understood that the systems needed changing and it was a priority to move the tech out of their office.


SunTel technology came on board to help the client develop a plan that was strategic that would consolidate and strengthen their system while we migrated it to the “Cloud”. We presented and reviewed many conceptual designs with them to give them a view of what their next system would look like. As it is our culture to be dynamic in our approach, SunTel gained more institutional knowledge about their business and operational workflow, their objectives, and their challenges and further refined and finalized the designs; at this stage, we commenced prompt execution of the strategic plan.

At the initial stage, we moved the Exchange solution to Office 365 and replaced and upgraded all their Windows 7 computers to Windows 10. Since sensitive information is handled by the insurance company, there must be strict compliance with regulations; so our solution was geared towards meeting all these requirements. To ensure security was more solid, SunTel technology implemented detailed and explicit access controls to protect their Office 365 platform from unwanted entry and access. Furthermore, SunTel worked closely with a third-party security consultant to ensure that when changes were made in the system, they were done prioritizing security and risk management for the entire company.

Working with them to move their systems to a more modern platform, we recommended to the client different Cloud SaaS options for hosting some applications. Nevertheless, due to the specificity of requirements, it was later determined that a move to the SaaS platform was not the best option. To meet the goals for security and hosting, SunTel designed an Azure WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) solution that was kind of a container for all other desktops. This was to ensure easy management of systems and compliance with security regulations. All LOB applications hosted on local servers would be transferred to the Azure environment also.

SunTel technology worked collaboratively with all the Software vendors to ensure that the virtual machines were properly built to host, install, and migrate all the applications without having implementation issues. There was a very low impact on the workforce as the SaaS system was duly tested before the cutover. The Cloud-based system only went live when we had fully confirmed that the solution was working properly.

Just as we were handling the application migration, SunTel technology also designed and implemented an Azure Cloud environment which was used in hosting the client’s domain, print, and file servers. Although the solution was built on Azure, SunTel ensured proper Backup and disaster recovery solutions for the client. The migration to Azure cloud was without stress as the Azure environment was built and tested while the workforce made use of their on-premise system.

Before the deployment of the cloud solution, SunTel technology carried out some improvements on the client’s core local infrastructure and WAN (Wide Area Network) to make sure that the network was sufficient and strong enough to support the cloud solution. Furthermore, we deployed, Point-To-Site VPNs to make sure there was an easy and reliable connection to the Cloud system environment.


Now that we have completed the migration, there is a great impact on the experience of the workforce in a positive way via the migration to a cloud solution. There is now the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world while remaining productive.

With the positive technological experience, there is now improved employee satisfaction. Also, they are now able to work remotely even with the present demands in the world which requires workers to work from home more than ever before.

If they had decided to hold on to their past hosting solution, the client would have run into a cost of over $250,000 in capital investment for configurations, replacements, deployments, and repairs of hardware. Migrating the company to the cloud has helped them save a lot of money by removing the need to buy or purchase lots of software and hardware.

SunTel technology has received outstanding feedback from the CEO, and SunTel technology was delighted to be a part of an A-grade solution that made their environment more aligned to today’s business needs.

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