A new client recognizes that they need an all-inclusive technology strategy and consulting, rather than just a traditional managed IT service.


One of our clients, a manufacturing firm in Toronto, recognized the need for a new approach as it relates to IT support and Service Management. The business had grown and thus higher complexity, which also made them run up against legacy cost controls leading to a reactive approach to technology services.

Their IT service management approach was focused on resolving only pressing and immediate computer, network, and server issues – this had already caused critical downtime and productivity interruptions. The company realized that there was an urgent need for a new approach to the situation – a preemptive and proactive approach that would help prevent frequent and common issues, allow for better security of their networks, reduce the critical downtime being faced, and allow for a better focus on the core business goals.

The business realized that they need to focus more on their core business needs like improving the manufacturing process, better supply chain integration enhancements, and leveraging on ERP systems for predictive analysis reports to maximize value. All these would require them to introduce new technologies and processes that are streamlined from IT support.

After hearing of SunTel technology as the leading provider of Technical services and our in-depth and comprehensive approach from client references and vendor partners like Cisco and Microsoft, the client decided to reach out to SunTel technologies.

“When we contacted SunTel technologies and started talking, we discovered that we needed something more than the usual break/fix model or a fixed fee help desk. We definitely needed an organization that could help us develop a trusted and secured environment on a stable platform,” said the CFO. “SunTel was just the right one for us.”


We discovered that we needed something more than the usual break/fix model or a fixed fee help desk. We definitely needed an organization that could help us develop a trusted and secured environment on a stable platform

Our strategists at SunTel technology interviewed the top stakeholders in the company to spot the key requirements and also review the company’s strategic needs. They also reviewed the immediate risks and vulnerabilities that frequently occurred in the company. The current approach was a reactive one that applied workarounds and temporary fixes. To further complicate the issue, the company was fond of hiring inexperienced entry-level IT personnel to handle their IT issues.

For instance, whenever there is a fuss or difficulty in accessing server applications and office files by remote workers, there was a compromise of network security via an opening of the firewall ports, which allowed unrestricted access from any location. This worked for the employees but exposed the company to significant and major risk from hackers and cybersecurity threats on the lookout for unprotected networks that are easy targets.

SunTel’s in-depth analysis identified the instability and insecurity of the network as the main factor leading to regular outages and downtime that impacted their overall production.

SunTel developed a strategy that not only leads to increased stability and security of the network but also reduces the overall cost in the long-term. SunTel implemented and deployed the latest cloud-managed solutions, firewalls and migrated their email from an on-premise exchange server (which necessitated extra backup and maintenance) to a more robust solution – Office 365. Furthermore, SunTel ensured a setup for operational maintenance of all their servers, workstations, and networks. This meant SunTel took total responsibility for their first line of support.


Once these changes were effected, the IT department was no longer seen as a cost-sapping center that caused downtime to the company. The IT section was now more productive and contributed positively to the business and helping the company maintain a competitive edge within its marketplace.

This is the true definition of offering true responsibility via much better and in-depth IT management, IT support, and a show that IT support goes far beyond traditional MSP capabilities. SunTel technology enables clients to excel and grow in their business without worries of legacy cost controls and without a reactive approach.


The company discovered that a true investment in IT in the long-term is a strategic business resource and offers much better value in their operations and productivity. This gives them the ability and enablement to serve their customers better and grow their business.

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