SunTel technology has developed a long-lasting relationship with all its clients by delivering first hand, industry-worthy Managed IT service, IT consulting, Cloud services. Our team of IT support service experts are the leading in the industry and are fully equipped to support and monitor your It infrastructure and network 24/7. This includes servers, desktops, cloud infrastructure, and backups to ensure your business is on top of its game and works securely.


Remote IT Management and Management

SunTel technology is dedicated to using the best, and leading tools in the industry for IT support services. Our tools include A-grade Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools, which we use in monitoring the security and stability of your entire IT network 24/7. This ensures that you have the best network experience in terms of up-time and performance while maintaining the high efficiency of your network and allowing you to focus on your business goals.

The benefits of entrusting your IT infrastructure to SunTel technology via our IT solutions include:

  • You spend lesser time managing your IT infrastructure while focusing more on your business goals and growth.
  • Access to proactive Managed IT services and support, which include complete network maintenance and complete network management that are done with efficiency, professionalism, and stealthily without infringing on your business workflow.
  • Wholesome and comprehensive IT network management and IT support service reporting to provide clarity into your IT network health, assets, and security. This allows for proper budgeting of IT upgrades, IT projects, and general IT expenses.
  • Managed IT services allows for continuous operation of your business for just a monthly flat fee. This eliminates unexpected and unplanned IT management expenses and helps in reducing your overall operational cost.
  • Remote Management and Monitoring tools help in gaining remote access to your IT infrastructure to ensure 24hours proactive IT support and management.
  • Proactive handling of daily IT management and maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about things like Windows update, dick cleanups, and disk defragmentation. This helps your network to be properly managed, up-to-date, and well maintained 24/7.
  • All IT updates and maintenance are done during your business off-peak hours to minimize disruptions to your business workflow, employees, and business network.

Other benefits of SunTel IT solutions are:

  • Fast, reliable, secure, and remote technical IT support for all your employees. Our top-notch help desk ticketing system and on-demand tunnel technical response time is paramount in achieving this in resolving any employee’s IT support issues
  • Customized reports to give you insight into your It infrastructure and system. The report also includes a status report, executive summaries, inventory statistics, and configuration statistics to help you remain informed about your It network status.
  • We have the best IT support experts in the industry who work relentlessly to monitor your entire IT network to ensure you have maximum uptime. Using our top-notch monitoring services and tools, our IT support experts are immediately notified of any IT system failure, and they swing into proactive action.


Custom IT Consulting Solutions

SunTel technology understands that every client has their own unique need. This is why we provide flexible service packages to our clients to ensure that they find the IT solution that suits their business goals and needs.

  • Top-notch proactive IT support services and IT network management
  • Proactive IT network monitoring remotely
  • On-demand IT reporting
  • Frequent and regular IT network management
  • Off-hours IT support and coverage
  • Server, cloud, and It application monitoring


Proactive IT Support Services

To further bring the best to your doorstep, SunTel technology offers you IT support services that make the most sense for your business and customers

  • On-site technical IT support
  • Remote IT support
  • Help desk and telephone technical support
  • Customized proactive Managed IT services
  • Online computer Tech support
  • Customized cloud services


IT management and server IT support

Our professional Canadian IT support experts can deliver IT support to you remotely, thereby allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of an in-house IT department – but without the exorbitant cost.

  • Proactive and regular IT maintenance
  • Best backup solutions including offsite, onsite, and cloud service backups
  • Remote IT management and server monitoring
  • Spyware and virus, detection, removal, control, and regular checks
  • User authentication and verification
  • Service pack management and proactive patch management

At SunTel technology, we are dedicated to making IT consultation as easy, hassle-free, affordable, and worry-free as possible. We don’t just provide you IT support; we create an unforgettable experience. This is why our clients trust us.

SunTel technology is the leading IT consulting firm in Toronto known for delivering top-notch, industry-worthy It services, including IT support services, IT tech support services, Managed IT services, IT outsourcing services, and cloud services.

It doesn’t matter if your business needs IT support, Managed IT services, cloud services, IT consulting, or IT remote management in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Brampton, or the GTA region, SunTel technologies has all it takes to cater to your needs. We handle all areas, including building custom IT solutions, maintenance and setup of networks and servers, and scanners and printer consumables to printers. We handle all your needs in every area, including IT services and IT products. We make them personalized to your business needs and business goals.

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