Completing The Project In A Timely & Quality Matter

The recent system enterprise initiative that you have undertaken at Climetec Industries speaks volumes for the expertise and commitment that you and your team have for your customers and completing the project in a timely and quality matter. As you are well aware we had many manual spreadsheet systems which now no longer exist and have been replaced by a automated system which was implemented and functioning in record time without major delays or business disruptions. This indeed has saved Climetec considerable amount of money as we can now do much more and not have to increase our resources significantly. The project you completed also is and will save Climetec a considerable amount of money and time and allow us to better serve our customers.

Suntel Technologies is a trusted partner to Climetec and you understand our needs and are always there to recommend a better and cost saving approach to our IT needs. Also, the service you provide is exceptional and always delivered with a smile.

Thank you for your many years of service as our trusted partner.

Flavio Bergamin
Climetec Industries Inc