Cost Effective VoIP & IT Services Provider

Our company turned over our IT services to SunTel a year ago. SunTel cleaned up our aging infrastructure, and got our network back to peak performance. A major concern for us was the finicky backup system that was put in place years ago. We now have a rock-solid backup system to protect us from data crashes. Perhaps the best thing that SunTel has done for us is to introduce us to the world of IP telephony. Not only did we gain access to state-of-the art new features such as integrated e-mail / voice mail / faxing, we now enjoy “follow-me” voice calls to allow clients to contact us no matter where we are physically. Our off-site employees have local extensions so that they not only enjoy all the same features as they would at head office, but all conversations with them are also free!

Our company benefited financially as well. Our land line and long-distance costs are now a fraction of our previous phone company charges. We were able to pay for the system in only six months with the savings we realized.

We highly recommend SunTel to any business that would like first rate IT service or an upgrade to their existing telephone systems.

Richard Tso
Racing Forensics Inc