VoIP Telephone System – Costs Dropped By More Than 80%

SunTel has been taking care of our computer network for over 5 years with excellent results. An added benefit is that he also looks after our telephone network, so we do not have to deal with another source. Three years ago we moved and downsized, a hair raising experience! SunTel convinced us to switch to a VOIP telephone system. This we did with some trepidation seeing that we are not "high tech'" people. We found that it was virtually trouble free and our telephone costs dropped by more than 80%. How could we not be pleased with that? We also found that staff who live some distance from the office, i.e. Kitchener, Bradford could utilize the VoIP phone system with a handset at their homes which were connected directly to our network, so that they could contact support people with simply an extension number. Wonderful! We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending SunTel.

Richard Waite
Salix Systems Limited