Lloyd is an indispensable member of our Team

You always believe that a server and/or network crash only happens to other people and other companies. Well two years, our firm became another casualty to a server crash, causing enormous inconvenience and incredible stress. Although Lloyd knew our firm and had assisted us in setting up and personalizing some fairly complicated accounting programs in the past, things shifted into high gear once our server crash occurred. Never had we encountered the diligence displayed by Lloyd, who responded to our emergency telephone call immediately and proceeded in a fashion commensurate with his own business server failing. Within days new hardware was delivered to our office awaiting installation and Lloyd had managed to have apparently irretrievable accounting information and years’ worth of financial statements recovered from our old, failed hard drive. Lloyd worked through double and triple shifts and thought nothing of using his weekend to fashion the finishing touches of his craft. He is a true asset and our firm is very appreciative and grateful that he manages all of our IT concerns. Today our new server works like a charm and backs up automatically on a daily basis.

Having accomplished the near impossible, we are also pleased to confirm that no task is too small or trivial to merit his complete, uninterrupted and immediate attention – from suggesting appropriate software for our office requirements, to installing and programming new peripherals on existing stand-alones.

We are very lucky indeed, and proud to confirm, that Lloyd is an indispensable member of our team!

Tino Zentil
D.Zentil Mechanical Inc.